First you’re going to need these items.


This is a Curry come


This is a soft brush


This is a hoof pick


And this is a hair brush

The first step depends on your horse. You are going to take the curry come. If your horse is an out door horse, you are going to go with the grain of the hair. This will get all of the dirt out of their hair. Now if your horse is an indoor horse, you’re going to go in circular motions. This is going to get all of the died hair out and they may want to shack while you do this (they want to help you). Next you are going to take the soft brush. This step doesn’t depend on horse horse being an indoor or an outdoor. You are going to go with the grain of the hair. This is going to give them that nice look. Next is the hoof pick. This is the scary part because you don’t know how the horse is going to react. Either have someone help you or BE CAREFUL! The horse my buck or rear depending on their personality. If I was doing this on my horse Khloe I would be fine but if I was doing this on Jake I would have someone holding him. Anyway you are going to put some of your weight on their leg. Then there should be a extra hair dangling from their ankle (you’ll know when you see it) you’re going to pull on it and cluck to them. This is NOT hurting them it is just signaling them to pick up their foot. Now you are going to grab their leg and put their leg on your leg that is closest to the horse. Do not I repeat DO NOT go in to the frog. See the triangle? stay out of it! If you go it to it the horse will buck. Have you ever stubbed your toe thats what it feels like to them. You are going to get the all the dirt and scrap it out and brush it out. And let their foot down carefully when thats done.

the next step is the main and forelock you’re going to brush the horse’s hair and you can style their hair how ever you want. And you are done! It is every long instructions I know but it should only take 5-10 minutes minuses the styling. Fun Fact: horses don’t have fur they have hair. BYE!!

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